A U.S. based organization serving the needy of the Philippines since 2005

Love for Life Foundation Mission

As a private, nonprofit organization founded by the late Dr. Jesus Angeles Datu, the Love for Life Foundation supports and links medical missions of American physicians and Filipino physicians and healthcare professionals to serve indigent families in the most rural areas of the Philippines who cannot access even basic medical care and treatment.

We provide quality and comprehensive medical and preventative health services to promote the relief of human suffering from diseases and poor nutrition, reduce maternal and infant mortality through patient care and education.

We have built an ambulatory and inpatient community health center in Bacolor, Pampanga, a town ravaged by the catastrophic Mount Pinatubo eruption, to provide immediate and accessible health care services to families who were displaced and are now returning and rebuilding their homes.

We aim to emerge as a model community health center providing immediate and quality medical care and education to families and establish linkages to a network of providers of medical care and education.

  • Place the patient and family at the center of our mission

  • Be a leader in high quality community healthcare through education, prevention, and treatment of diseases

  • Develop collaborative initiatives with healthcare professionals and agencies in the community for patient services so that no one will be denied care because of lack of funds

  • Develop educational programs with local schools to teach nurses’ aides, technicians, and midwives so that they can give back to the community

  • Enlist the services of economic agriculturists and nutritionists to promote a wellness program emphasizing diet and nutrition

  • Attract volunteerism among professionals in the community and develop effective health provider/educator and community partnerships

  • Ensure the delivery of quality services and continually assess and evaluate outcomes for improvement and expansion of the program

  • Ensure effective management and use of available resources for service delivery

Medical Missions in the Philippines
Dr. Jesus A. Datu, MD, Founder of the Love for Life Foundation

Dr. Jesus Angeles Datu, Founder


Jesus A. Datu, MD, Founder
Joycelyn A. Datu, MD, Chairman
Maximina Datu Boutselis, MD, President
Kevin Alan Beaudoin, Treasurer
Sabrina Datu Boutselis, Secretary
Benjamin Datu Boutselis, Public Relations


Nicholas Boutselis, DMD
Jasmine Salvador Matawaran, RN
Gilda Stiefel, RN

“Jess Datu gave his life as a medical doctor so that others may live. His monument will not be a statue, placed in some obscure location, but in the hearts of those he served and their offspring for future generations…”
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