Love For Life Foundation

of Philippine American Physicians in America

The Love For Life Foundation,  a U.S. based organization serving the needy of the Philippines, was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jesus A. Datu. The Foundation consists of volunteers with a board of directors and advisors, based in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Mother & Child Health Program
Mother/Child Health
Medical Missions
Medical Missions
Eye Health program
Eye & Ear Health
Zero Mortality program
Zero Mortality Program
Dental Health program
Dental Missions
Disability Programs
Disability Programs

Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Surgery

We have partnered with Operation Smile Philippines to establish a world class cleft palate and cleft lip surgery center. Hundreds of children have undergone successful surgeries which has transformed their appearance and improved their chances in life. Local otolaryngologists and anesthetists volunteer their time to perform these surgeries which take place under strict safety guidelines. Post surgery, patients are housed with a parent for 2-3 days in our newly built hostel for observation.

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cleft palate and lip surgery

A U.S. based organization serving the needy of the Philippines since 2005

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“Jess Datu gave his life as a medical doctor so that others may live. His monument will not be a statue, placed in some obscure location, but in the hearts of those he served and their offspring for future generations…”
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