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Dr. Jesus A. Datu Medical Center

The Dr. Jesus A. Datu Medical Center (JADMC), completed in 2008, is located in the town of Bacolor, Pampanga Province, on the island of Luzon. It is a two-story structure with a 25 bed capacity. The first floor provides cataract screenings, the dental clinic, maternal and child health clinics, the classrooms for midwife education, the prosthetics laboratory, prosthetics rehabilitation center, distribution of wheelchairs, crutches, and eyeglasses. The second floor contains inpatient beds and the cataract and cleft palate surgical suites. The staff is comprised primarily of volunteers.

The JADMC was built by the Love for Life Foundation (LFLF) and is a testimony to the vision, generosity, compassion, and selfless service of Dr. Jesus Angeles Datu to the underprivileged populace of the Philippines, together with his wife Joan Agagon Datu and his daughters Dr. Joycelyn A. Datu and Dr. Maximina Datu Boutselis and the Datu Angeles Family: Amanda, Leonila, Pitt And Maria (Datu) Vazquez, Carlos and Leonila Baula Datu, Jose and Elisa Martinez Datu, Vileso and Ellen (Datu) Salvador, Dr. Rino and Herminia (Datu) Marro, and Godofredo and Avelina Datu. The facility is dedicated to the loving memory of the ancestors and descendants of the Datu-Angeles-David-Mallari families.

The LFLF and the Datu Angeles David Mallari Foundation (DADMFI) partnered with the Kapampangan Development Foundation (KDF), a philanthropic group dedicated providing humanitarian assistance to Mount Pinatubo victims. The KDF runs the JADMC on a day to day basis, with the ownership of the Center remaining with the LFLF.

Dr. Jesus A. Datu Medical Center

Cleft Lip and Palate Program

Disability Programs

Seeing Clearly Program (sight)
• The Eye Center

Smiling Free (speech)
• Cleft Lip and Palate Program

Walking Free Program
• prosthetics laboratory
• wheelchair distribution
• distribution of crutches, walker, etc

Hearing (future project)

Programs on Maternal and Child Health

Maternal/Child Health Programs

Pampanga Zero Maternal and Infant Mortality Program

• JADMC Birthing Clinic
• Mother Child Charity Clinic
• Satellite Birthing Clinics
• Continuing Professional Education for Midwives

Dental Clinic

Special Programs

Dental Clinic

A U.S. based organization serving the needy of the Philippines since 2005

Targets for 2022

  • Expand our reach to include serving needy populations beyond the island of Luzon.
  • Widen our network of supporters and collaborators to include major healthcare systems both in the Philippines and abroad.
  • Establish sister partnerships with organizations globally with similar goals and purpose.
Our Future Goals
JDAMC Future Projects
“Jess Datu gave his life as a medical doctor so that others may live. His monument will not be a statue, placed in some obscure location, but in the hearts of those he served and their offspring for future generations…”
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