A U.S. based organization serving the needy of the Philippines since 2005

About Us

The Love For Life Foundation of Philippine American Physicians in America was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jesus A. Datu. The Foundation consists of volunteers  with a board of directors and advisors, based in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Dr. Datu was a United States Navy Commander assigned to Subic Bay Naval Base, Philippines when the Mount Pinatubo Volcano erupted in June, 1991, killing hundreds and eradicating his hometown, taking it literally off the map.

Inspired by the human suffering he witnessed firsthand, he became active in the relief missions sponsored by the United States Navy to the local populace. He was particularly touched by the hardships of the Aeta tribes of Zambales, local indigenous peoples residing in the mountains surrounding the volcano. These nomadic hunter-gatherers live in temporary shelters due to social and economic strain on their culture and way of life that, due to lack of protection from the Philippine government, had previously remained unchanged for thousands of years.

This laid the foundation for Dr. Datu’s vision of helping his less fortunate countrymen, through yearly medical missions and year round donations of medicines and supplies. We strive to continue the work Dr. Datu began and help the less fortunate in a forgotten part of the world.

Our Mission
Aeta tribes of Zambales
Aeta tribes of Zambales

Aeta tribes of Zambales

Jesus A. Datu, MD, Founder

Dr. Jesus Angeles Datu, Founder


Jesus A. Datu, MD, Founder
Joycelyn A. Datu, MD, Chairman
Maximina Datu Boutselis, MD, President
Kevin Alan Beaudoin, Treasurer
Sabrina Datu Boutselis, Secretary
Benjamin Datu Boutselis, Public Relations


Kevin Alan Beaudoin
Nicholas Boutselis, DMD
Tess Flynn
Carmen Jose
Jasmine Salvador Matawaran, RN
Gilda Stiefel
Elizabeth Tuazon

“Jess was one of the strongest pillars of the Filipino community in Connecticut. A bona-fide, big-hearted humanitarian, and a wonderful friend to me and many others…It was through him that we have many charitable projects in the Philippines, and most of them still ongoing.”
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