Love for Life Foundation of Philippine American Physicians in America

The ZERO MORTALITY programs at the JADMC aim to reduce the leading causes of mortality in mothers and infants in the province of Pampanga. The JADMC serves as the focal point of midwife education and training. It is directed by KDF trustee Ms. Sylvia Ordonez, a renowned champion of women's health issues in the Philippines.

In September 2000, the UN member states gathered at the Millenium Summit to reduce poverty and the worst forms of human deprivation. They adopted Millenium Development Goals with a target date of 2015. Of the eight goals, three of them include: promote gender equality, reduce child mortality, improve maternal health.
In the Philippines:
162 mothers die for every 100,000 births
The Philippines is among 68 countries which contribute to 97% of maternal and neonatal and child deaths worldwide
The Philippines has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Southeast Asia, outpaced only by East Timor and Cambodia
JADMC programs towards ZERO MORTALITY 
  1. Charity Maternity Clinic for complicated births
  2. Training Center for birthing attendants for high risk areas
  3. Continuing Professional Education for Midwives
  4. Satellite Birthing Clinics
  5. Mother Child Charity Clinic
  6. Midwife Training Center
  7. Provide obstetricians and gynecologists for prenatal examinations
  8. Provide pediatricians for neonatal care
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