Love for Life Foundation of Philippine American Physicians in America

Future Goals

The main challenge is to make the JADMC sustainable while staying true to its purpose of serving the indigents.
The KDF and LFLF are taking the following strategies:

  • become a LEVEL 2 center so all services are paid for by PHILHEALTH for their cardholders
  • explore the possibility of getting PHILHEALTH accreditation to become an issuer of PHILHEALTH so all patients can avail of PHILHEALTH
  • seek accreditation with the Philippine Charity Sweeptakes Office so all non-PHILHEALTH patients can be sponsored by them
  • apply for Philippines NGO certification so the KDF can be a donee institution
  • launch a fund campaign to set up a trust fund to handle overhead expenses

A two story extension building behind the JADMC will be constructed for the purposes of an ambulatory surgical clinic for eye care, harelip and cleft center, and a training center.

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